the many uses of water

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants and animals
must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth.
Apart from drinking it to survive, people have many other uses for water.



The production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of
falling or flowing water.



Nearly every manufactured product uses water during some part of the production process.
Industrial water use includes water used for such purposes as fabricating, processing,
washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product; incorporating water into a product; or
for sanitation needs within the manufacturing facility.



River ecosystems include river channels and its floodplains. This allows rivers to
self-purify and support a great deal of life. They provide support for erosion and aid in
water regulation in states of flood and low water.



Water is one of the most fundamental parts of the global economy. It has been
shown, that in areas without healthy water resources or sanitation services that
economic growth cannot be sustained. Without access to clean water, nearly every
industry would suffer.



Most of the fresh water withdrawn from rivers and groundwater is used to
produce food and other agricultural products. This includes water used in the
irrigation of crops or the watering of livestock.



Active recreation, entailing direct participation, involves activities such as
swimming and kayaking down rivers. Passive recreation, involving observation,
includes such activities as walking/hiking along rivers, birdwatching on the shore,
and watching swim competitions.


The Breede-Gouritz water management area (WMA) is the result of the amalgamation of the Breede WMA and the Gouritz WMA. The new WMA is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the south, what will be the Berg-Olifants WMA to west, the Orange WMA to the north and the Mzimvubu-Tsitsikama WMA to the East. It largely fall within the Western Cape Province, with small portions of the upper catchment of the Olifants River falling in the Eastern Cape Province, and tiny portions of the upper catchments of the Gamka and Groot Rivers falling in the Northern Cape Province.

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